It's time to use Wynter in your server.

Wynter is a multi-purpose bot ready to help bring excitement to your furry server!
Also features logging, moderation commands, nsfw and much more!

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Features of Wynter
We provide you with some of the best features in Wynter!
Ability to add logging to your server.

Need to see when people join? When people have been banned? Want logs of channels created? Messages edited/deleted? Wynter is for you.

Fully fleged warning system.

Wynter allows you to warn a misbehaving user for any given reason. Austin is posting NSFW again? A warn shall sort him right out. Warnings are sent to the user and logged in the case logs channel.

Fun commands for your users.

Do your users like to cuddle? Boop each other? Kiss even? Maybe they want a drink from a fully fledged menu system. Wynter offers this.

Well this is embarrasing..
It seems like our statistics are currently not working.
we'll have it up and running soon - check back shortly!
As of this error being made, Wynter is currently in 238 guilds, and counting!

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